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The Higher Education Bubble

Helping to inform future college grads on what’s in store.

SOPA / PIPA Explained

The innocuously named bills get various activist treatments visually explaining their pitfalls and dangers.

Occupy Design

Building a unified visual language for the 99%.

Rethinking the Food Label

News21, Art Center and Good magazine team up to redesign food labels

The Conversation Prism 3.0

The Conservation Prism 3.0

Recommended Reading

Yeah, yeah, we know. Nobody reads anymore right? But for what it's worth, these are some books that lent some valuable insight into making sense, why we have such a hard time at it, and how we can overcome the easy decent towards stupidity.

The Visual Miscellaneum: A Colorful Guide to the World's Most Consequential Trivia by David McCandless

Resonate by Nancy Duarte

True Enough by Farhad Manjoo

A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink

Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam

The Watchman's Rattle by Rebecca D. Costa